Considered one of the most important curative and preventive plants. Used by Chinese and Egyptians in ancient times. It has an aroma and flavor that often accompanies certain Mediterranean cuisine. In its two varieties:
White Garlic

The type of Noble garlic (ecophysiological group 3) with intense white color, flatted round bulb, intense aroma and mild flavor, medium pungency, with very good cold storage.

Purple Garlic

Chinese Type (ecophysiological group 2) with dirty white wrapper leaves with thick purple streaks of intense aroma and spicy. Head of medium size and uniform round shape, with 8-10 teeth slightly curved, glossy coated skins of intense violet or purple color, with little cold preservation.

Other Crops


Bulb formed by numerous inner thick and fleshy layers, which perform the necessary nutrient reserve functions for feeding outbreaks. Primarily native to Central Asia and the Mediterranean as a secondary center. Spicy flavor although sweet can also be found.


Daucus carota subspecies sativus, popularly called carrot, is the domesticated form of the wild carrot, a species of the Umbelliferae family, also called apiaceae, and considered the most important and widely consumed within this family. It hails from Europe and Southwest Asia.


Pisum sativum is a herbaceous plant of the legume family (Fabacea), more or less climber. It is cultivated to obtain its small seeds and the tender pods that wrap them, very appreciated for human consumption.


We produce Zapallos Anco and Uchiki Curi for organic treatment.